Whiteley Fabrisan Carpet Upholstery Sanitiser

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  • Eliminates urine odours
  • Multipurpose deodouriser
  • Eliminates almost any odour
  • Safe on all carpets and fabrics
  • Effective in removing moulds and spores

Whiteley Fabrisan is a specialised carpet and upholstery sanitiser and deodouriser specifically designed for removing difficult odours from carpets and fabrics. Fabrisan is highly effective in neutralising and removing persistent urine odours.
It is also highly effective in treating and restoring flood and water damaged carpets. Fabrisan has been tested and approved by one of the worlds leading carpet fibre manufacturers and is
safe to use on all types of carpets and stain-resistant coatings.

Fabrisan conforms to the Australian Standard AS3733-1990 for carpet cleaning. Fabrisan is internationally patented.

Directions for use:

Detecting & Treating Urine:

1. An ultraviolet (black light) is used at night to detect urine deposits in carpets and fabrics. Urine fluoresces under UV light and can therefore be detected by using a black light. It should be noted that many other things fluoresce under UV light, however, with a little experience and a ‘good nose’ urine deposits are readily detectable from other fluorescent materials. When the urine is detected the area is simply sprayed with Fabrisan to neutralise the odour problem

Floor & Water Damage:

1. In cases of severe flooding dispose of damaged underlay if required.
2. Extract as much water as possible. Pre-spray the back of the carpet with dilute Bactex and leave for 15 minutes.
Extract with warm water.
3. Spray diluted Fabrisan (1 part Fabrisan to 4 parts water) onto the back of the carpet. Raise the carpet and dry
with a heater.
4. After relaying the carpet lightly pre-spray the carpet with dilute Fabrisan (1:5 with water) and work into the
carpet with a carpet rake.

Stale Odours:

Dilute 1 part Fabrisan with 4 parts water. Apply a light spray to the top of the pile and work into the carpet using a carpet rake. If possible apply a light spray to the back of the carpet.

Additional information

Weight 5.5 kg
Dimensions 300 × 200 × 150 mm

Fabrisan Technical Bulletin


Fabrisan SDS


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