Whiteley Synergy Floor Sealer Finish 5 Litres

$61.50 inc GST


  • Faster dry time
  • 20% superior definition of image
  • Low odour
  • Easy application
  • 10% higher gloss levels
  • Hard wearing for high traffic areas
  • Resistant against dirt, scuff and black marks

Whiteley Synergy is a high gloss water based sealer finish with superior gloss levels. Synergy ‘s high performance provides resistance against dirt, scuff and black marks for high traffic areas. It is easy to apply and maintain. It is excellent for use on vinyl hard floor surfaces and can also be used on terrazzo, vinyl tiles, granite, vinyl sheeting, tiles and slate.
Synergy can be used as a one-step sealer finish which provides contractors with a simple system that is easy to maintain. It has excellent levelling characteristic and minimal mop drag allowing for an even finish with minimal effort.

Synergy has a slip resistant rating D1 classification as per AS4586:2013. Synergy Sealer/Finish is a new generation high gloss polish which provides an amazing “wet look” finish for most modern surfaces. Synergy offers a one-step Sealer/Finish with amazing results that does not require a base coat. For terrazzo and stone which often have varying compositions and
may require a tough base coat, use Impact Base Seal followed by Synergy.

Please note: for a high-performance finish on Terrazzo we suggest using Whiteley Industrial’s Glamour Terrazzo sealer.

Whiteley Synergy Technical Bulletin


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