Whiteley Xpoly8 Floor Stripper 5 Litres

$49.50 inc GST


  • High-performance floor stripper
  • Fast acting therefore saving time
  • Liquefies old sealers on contact
  • Effective on most types of flooring

Whiteley Xpoly8 is a new generation floor stripper designed to rapidly liquefy and emulsify old sealers for easy removal with an auto-scrubber or mop and bucket. Xpoly8 is a powerful dual-action floor stripper designed to remove metalised and non-metalised floor finishes. Xpoly8 is a low odour, fast acting, labour saving method for removing floor sealers/finishes with a minimum of scrubbing.

Xpoly8 contains a blend of glycol solvents that synergise with a rapid penetration dual chain emulsifier to penetrate the most stubborn old polish films. Make sure to keep the surface wet at all times when stripping. Xpoly8 can be used on vinyl, vinyl asbestos, rubber, no-wax linoleum, lino tile, marble, terrazzo, ceramic quarry tiles and most types of flooring.

Directions for use

Depending upon the degree of sealer on the floor, Xpoly8 can be diluted as follows:
Heavy Build up: 250mL/Litre of water
Moderate Build up: 125mL/Litre of water
Add recommended amount of Xpoly8 to cold water and apply liberally to the floor. Allow to work for 3 to 5 minutes, being sure to keep the floor wet.

The floor will be slippery when it’s wet. Scrub the floor using a black pad. Pick up the dissolved sealer. Rinse the floor with clean water and allow the floor to dry.

Whiteley Xpoly8 Technical Bulletin


Whiteley Xpoly8 SDS


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