Whiteley Bye Bye Foam Silicone Defoamer

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  • Concentrated defoamer
  • Cost-effective
  • Non-toxic and low irritant
  • A little goes a long way

Whiteley Bye Bye Foam has been formulated to reduce foam in the recovery tank of injection cleaning equipment.
When foam is a problem, as little as a cap full of this product will completely eliminate any foaming problem.
Eliminating the presence of any foam in the recovery tank can significantly affect the speed and efficiency of any carpet cleaning operation since the recovery tank can be filled completely with water before it has to be emptied.

This also eliminates the danger of any foam making its way into the pumps.
The presence of excessive foaming often results from previous detergent residues being left in a carpet. Such residues may be due to previous bonnet cleaning operations or from the regular use of a high foaming domestic carpet spotting detergent.

Directions of use:

As little as 1 cap per 20 litres of recovery tank capacity is required to completely eliminate all foaming problems.
The rate of use may increase if the carpet being cleaned contains excessive carpet detergent residues.
Always place the defoamer in the recovery tank and not in the detergent tank. Silicone defoamers can contribute
to sticky residues being left behind on the carpet if they are put into the detergent tank.

Whiteley Industrial’s carpet detergents Fabripowr and Fabripowr Plus contain a built-in defoamer and will foam very little by themselves.

When foaming problems are encountered it is generally because of the excessive detergent residues left behind on the carpet from previous cleaning operations.

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