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blue-ribbon-slimline-8One of the most hated jobs in home cleaning is keeping the shower glass doors, wall and floor free from built up calcium, soap scum and body fats.

Here’s a quick tip that will take about 45 seconds and drastically reduce your cleaning time in the bathroom.

You will be amazed at how clean the shower cubicle will remain by using a simple window squeegee to remove pollutants effectively and reduce the frequency of scrubbing. After each shower squeegee all water from the glass, walls and even the floor to the floor waste. It really does work!!


PET ODOURS OR ANY ODOURSodour_soaker225-228x228_grande1

This product is a must anywhere at any time; “Odour Soaker”. Comes in a powder form (1kg) and it does really suck up bad odours. Excellent for pet odours, cigarette odours, damp smells, vomit, urine, you name it, it does it all!

Simply sprinkle, like talc powder on offending area, leave in contact for 5-10 minutes (longer the better). Can be used on any hard surface or carpets, refresh the interior of your car. Sprinkle some in your vacuum cleaner bag and when vacuuming, a refreshing clean fragrance will emit for a long time.



Everyone should know about this little slugger and everyone should experience the amazing effortless cleaning power of the white magic sponge. Wonderful for removing scuff marks from floors and walls, teacups stains, high finger touch point areas, removing mascara from carpet and clothing. The only place you don’t use it is on hard shiny surfaces, as it will dull the surface.




This product is an overnight success. This liquid drain opener is using bio-enzymatic technology, so it’s biocycle and septic safe and fast acting, especially in emergency situations. It’s ability to eat fats, grease, oils, soap scum, not to mention concrete dumped in toilet bowls on construction sites and will eradiate all smelly foul odours.

Great for totally blocked, partially blocked and slow running smelly drains or grease traps. Now they’re open, keep them open with Airx Open made right here in Brisbane. I also toss some in my auto dishwasher as it can become smelly at times as well as the garbage disposal unit, works a treat!



Lencia Group_HiResFriends always comment on my sparkling kitchen sink, sideboard and taps. Here’s my secret to making my kitchen and laundry sparkle! Lencia is a total bathroom cleaner, can be used for everything in the bathroom, it’s a product I love to use and have been using for over 20 years. Bathroom cleaning is easy with this product, simply spray the entire cubicle last thing at night, leave overnight, when showering next morning, it will wash all the pollutants down the drain and all will sparkle.

If your pet loves to sleep in the bathroom and decides to lick up the Lencia, don’t worry, they will only bubble at both ends for a day or two. Perfectly safe!


GET YOURSELF A HALO!Research_Halo Group

You don’t need to be a saint to have clean windows, simply Halo them! The professional’s choice and undoubtedly Australia’s best glass cleaner on the market today.

Safely cleans tinted glass, plastics, optical glass, mirrors, kitchens, shower screens, TV screens, whiteboards and any hard shiny surfaces. For a nice sheen to your tiled floors, drop a little in your mop bucket.



Scrubby’s are non-abrasive and will not scratch any delicate surface areas you are cleaning. They are designed to remove build up and grime on basins, wall tiles, grout, around the bases of taps, even pots and pans. They are laundered the same as any microfiber cloth in hot water of 60 degrees or more.

So throw those unhygienic abrasive sponge scourers away and load up with a couple of different scrubby colours and dedicate one for the bathroom and the other for the kitchen area. A high quality microfiber is the best and preferred way to clean hygienically.



silver-microfibre-clothsSilver Antibacterial microfiber cloths are the best method of cleaning any surface. Colour coding your cloths reduces the risk of cross contamination and ensures safe, clean simple cleaning power. Don’t underestimate the power of this tough cloth. It will not transfer dirt from one surface to another, so you will not be pushing dirt around. Microfibre will only release dirt when washed in 60 degree heat and will outlive any other wiping cloth 50 fold.

Remember, you get what you pay for and high quality microfiber will deliver bacteria free surfaces, that’s a good clean!